Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 9 ... stress.... OMG...but the theme for today - I'm OK with that!

Hi there,

Tuesday is my Monday in the summer - and it can be tough - I'm off on Monday's and Tuesday's is when I am trying to bring my blog up to date (cause as you can see - I slack off over the weekend).

And trying to bring work up to date too...  So what suffers.. blog unfortunately - as work is a must.  I really do like my job - I like my company.  Love?  eh - that takes a lot more discussion than I am willing to go into now.  But I will say, I like the diversity that I have in my job. We can have discussions about this later... much later!! :)

But the stress of catching up after a few days off... STRESS!! Too much to complete, too much to look into, too much for everyone who doesn't want to do anything for you - until - they need something from you.  SIGH.

So today - I have to update my blog and update the FB challenge - I feel bad that I didn't update the FB challenge during the weekend - but I guess...that is my time, and I deal with it as I feel I want to.  My Time - My Life.  Thought I need to get a bit more control of it!!

You can look at my last post for my weekend....(summed it up quickly!  I'll try to be better!)

But here is my Tuesday...

Breakfast was my cottage cheese with pineapple.  I've never had that before!  I am usually a cantaloupe girl - but I bought a pineapple over the weekend and had LOTS left over... (my favorite!!) so I decided to try it.  I always thought it would be horrible - but, OK - I'm a convert... I can do pineapple with cottage cheese!!   I had a Greek yogurt for snack - but I was so busy today that I ended up not eating it and throwing it away.. ($$$ down the drain!!!))

OK, thought - I have to clarify that - I love pineapple... Cold, crisp, raw, delicious pineapple.  But if you dare try to cook it, grill it or do anything that makes it anything less than raw and crisp - I AM OUT!   'enough said.

OH - and please people... Pineapple should NEVER, ever...EVER be put on PIZZA.  EVER.  

If you do this - I'm totally OK that you stop reading my blog....Right.This.Second.  


D...O...N...E...  !!!      :)
Um...  <I'm NOT kidding>

Now - Lunch was - Stew Leonard's inspired...  I was there picking up dinner last night -and the cooked shrimp just called my name!!  (I almost bought a lobster tail - on sale for 3.99 for a 4oz tail!!) But I stuck with the shrimp and cut it up with some cocktail sauce - paired it with some avocado with lime juice and ate it in lettuce wraps. Um... Yes - it was delicious!!!!

Um...very, very delicious!!!  I ate three wraps and felt like I was a huge stuck pig, I had eaten so much!!  It was really, really good. CLEAN good!

Home and dinner.. I'm not HUNGRY!!!

I do believe it is because of my surgery - I can't eat points with weight watchers, I can't eat the way others do with things like this .... but that is OK! I've eaten enough through out the day that a snack on hummus and cucumbers was more than enough for me.

Understand, while it has been 12 years since my surgery - I still can't eat what many seem as "regular".  I'm OK with that - I don't look to others as to what I should or shouldn't be doing.  Neither should you.  Really - Neither Should You.

I have maintained my weight for 12 years - I'm OK with that.

In the past, I've fluctuated with in the same 5 pounds... the same 5 pounds in 12 years...

and YES. I.AM.OK.WITH.THAT!!!!   12 years and the same 5 pounds?!?!  

The only time I went a bit under this - was my wedding - though not that I tried - I was just so afraid of having to pay more for alterations!

And I am now...after the "biggest loser" at work, and now this challenge - I am a bit under my wedding weight. I am OK with that.  I am not doing this clean eating to lose weight.  I am doing this to eat healthy for me and my guy.  For me - when you have once in your life been over 500 pounds - maintaining a weight for 12 years is a very, very serious goal.  I'll take that!!!


Do I need to say it again??  
a before picture (and not even the "biggest" before!!) :(


Hello People - I am OK with me...with this issue... I'm OK.   (yup - I've got other issues I need to become OK with...) but with this - I got it.

Can you say that?  If not, why?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, if you'd like to share them.

Right now, my thought is to eat clean.  Eat things I can pronounce... keep away from the white starches, sugars and carbs (I don't need them!!) and keep eating healthy - for me and the LOVE of my life, Dave.

So long as what I do eat is clean - then I will keep at it. It is really not as hard as it seems - and it makes you feel so much better.   It is a choice.  So much of life is a choice.  I choose not to eat white starches.  I choose to walk away from ice cream.  I choose to eat veggies, fruits, lean proteins...   This life is my choice... and I'm OK with that! So long as I continue to maintain where I am - if there is any weight loss, then that is just a bonus, it is not the goal.

Eating clean is about eating healthy.   Some people add water consumption to it (but for me - I drink 80 - 100 oz a day... not an issue for me!)... Some people add exercise to it... (booohahahahah...DO YOU KNOW ME?!?!?) ....  and some - like me - just try to not eat things you can not pronounce...  why would you??

And do you realize how much better you feel when you start to eat clean??   Try it - we can compare notes!

Until Next Time...
EAT (what you can pronounce!)

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  1. You my friend are so freaken awesome!! I am inspired by you! Love pineapple too with cottage cheese....try putting some cinnamon on it...yummo!