Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Joined the Cult & I Drank the Kool-Aid...

Hi There,  

I hope everyone is doing fine... I am.  Really, I am.  I've been feeling good and I attribute it to more than just my clean eating.  

I joined the Smoothie Cult. ;)

And I feel good! (And a bit resentful...I'll get back to that at a later post.)

I've been doing a lot of reading about having smoothies for breakfast (or lunch for that matter) and was a bit iffy on trying it.  First - I just have a regular blender and they say (they - who are they??) that it doesn't crush up the ice and other ingredients enough.  Yeah, and who wants to chew their smoothie... so no thank you.  Second - after a lifetime of Carnation Instant Breakfasts and Slim Fast shakes, I simply don't have the stomach for the powdery, chalky, ground cardboard flavor of protein powders that haunt my childhood and teen memories.

My friend Kristy turned me on to one thing that changed my mind a bit.  The NutriBullet! She swears by it and I look it up online.  Um - NO, I'm not going out and spending $150.00 on something to grind up fruit and ice - seriously people.  

But then - Macy's did have it on sale for 99.99, and a friend had a discount coupon that I was able to use...and I did have a gift card to Macy's.  So low and behold, I buy my NutriBullet for about $50.00.  Step one...Check. 

Protein Powder.  I have zero clue which is a good one or bad ones - so Kristy offers to give me a taste test of the two she uses, so I can test it out with out a huge financial commitment. Very cool.

Except - my very cute, very loving, very sweet, very Un Cool dogs...

...are Dicks. I get home with my NutriBullet and walk in to this:

Protein Powder all over the place!

I do get it... I left the two Ziploc bags on the counter, where one of them (likely Sam, the taller one) can sit on the sofa, reach his head over the pass through and take them off the counter.   I don't get that they freaking know they're not allowed to do this and always feel terrible when I get home and say "What the Fuck?!?"  But I take a deep breath and calmly take the cover off the dog bed, shake it out side and sweep up.  Smoothie will have to wait til next day when I can just go out and buy some protein powder and try it out. 

I get a bit too busy to go to the store and my other friend brings in a bag of the protein powder she uses (it was one of the same ones Kristy had given me).

OK - time to finally try this awesome smoothie! 

Then... BAM!!

No - I am not kidding - the Dicks did it AGAIN!!  This was left on a different counter (one they'd actually have hop up on their two front paws) to get to - and it was all the way at the back of the counter! I can leave anything on that counter and it doesn't get touched - but the freaking sniff out the protein powder?!?!  I swear - the two of them laugh at me the minute I walk out the door and conspire all day as to what they can do to piss me off when I get home. 

So - Stop and Shop, here I come and I buy a random brand of vanilla powder and all the other items I would need to try out my very first Protein Smoothie... so I can at least get this thing up off the ground - so finally... Step two... Check. 

Step three - Preparation.  Of course that goes hand and hand with clean eating, so I set up my Zip lock bags and get ready to put my ingredients in them.  In each bag goes:

1 cup of Spinach  

1/2 (or 1 - depending on how many I had!) of a Banana with 1 cup of mixed, frozen, no sugar added berries.  (This was strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries)

2 tablespoons of plain Greek Yogurt (I froze mine ahead of time to make life easier, each section of my ice cube tray is one tablespoon)

Then I froze the baggies.  The next morning, I took one bag out - put it in my Bullet container, along with:

1 tablespoon of Almond Butter
1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon
1 Scoop of the random protein powder 
1 1/2 cups of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.

I let the bullet do its thing -and out comes my Smoothie!  I love that with everything frozen already - I don't need to add any ice so its not watered down at all and it tastes... delicious. Sort of. 

I've been 'suffering' through this protein powder that I purchased and it is OK... it does taste like I'm drinking powder.   The other flavors mask it well (especially the one day I left out the Almond butter - it was like... grainy and dry) but I can still tell its there (though adding a touch of honey to it helps!).  

I am finding though, that I really do enjoy having my smoothie in the morning and it keeps me very full - so full that I have not really snacked in the mid morning and it is almost a fight to eat all of my lunch.  So I take that as a win!  Last week, I had a smoothie every morning except Sunday when Dave and I went out to breakfast.  I had a piece of whole grain toast with avocado and one egg.   It was delicious - but I missed my smoothie.  I'd been feeling pretty energized in the mornings and that Sunday I felt different.  So I smoothied for lunch and all was right in the world!  

Now I have jumped in and bought the protein powder that my friends recommended - sight untasted thanks to Sam and Lilah.  It is supposed to be delicious and I am hoping so because it is a bit pricey (though will last for a full month - so I'm told).  It was just delivered to my house today - so I'll update this tomorrow and let you know how it goes.  

And - one day soon, I'll try a new smoothie recipe - but I do like the flavors in this one a lot - so why switch up if I'm enjoying myself!  

Until Next Time...
EAT (or...Drink!!)

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